What is Right for Me?

All communication with both alarms is done through SMS text messages. No app is required. Configure your alarm's features via simple text commands. You can add up to 5 phone numbers to your notify list and if your trailer is ever broken into, it will text the 5 recipients a message that the alarm has been activated and everyone will receive the GPS location. What if you accidentally trigger the alarm yourself? The alarms acts as a text messaging "hub," so just send it a text like, "This is Joe, that was me! Sorry!" and it will forward your message to everyone on your notify list, so they know it was a false alarm.

So what is the biggest difference between our two alarm systems?

In short, the SUPER CELL stays powered, allowing you to monitor your trailer's location on demand, even if the alarm hasn't been triggered. If you are not concerned about your trailer's battery supply depleting, the Super Cell is a good choice.  Depending on the location of your trailer, a small solar panel trickle charger on top of your trailer might be an option to keep your batter charged. If your battery begins to die, the Super Cell will notify you via text message.

The SLEEPER CELL only draws power once it is tripped/activated. You cannot communicate with the Sleeper Cell if it has not been tripped.  However, if your trailer is located in a remote location and you would be worried about the battery dying, the Sleeper Cell should be considered.

Remember, these alarms can be used for more purposes than protecting trailers. Motorhomes, boats, storage units, and vehicles can easily be protected as well.