Super Cell Alarm

What is the "Super Cell" Alarm System?

(NOTE: The SUPER CELL constantly draws a small amount of power.  If you are concerned about your battery supply, then you need our Sleeper Cell Alarm)

The Super Cell Alarm System is a unique alarm system designed specifically for owners who want a continuous method to monitor the status of their equipment as well as its current geographic location (via GPS). The Super Cell is ALWAYS on, monitoring your vehicle, and waiting for commands via SMS text messaging. The Super Cell has 4 separate input triggers and 4 separate output relays. Each trigger and relay can be configured independently with respect to priority and function. The Alarm will report its status and GPS location at any time (even if NOT currently triggered). If the Alarm is tripped, it can control 4 separate outputs (i.e. Siren On, Brakes On, Marker Lights Flashing, Interior Lights On) and send SMS updates (inc GPS location) at specified intervals.

Unique Capabilities of the Super Cell:

  • The Super Cell Alarm is completely configurable via simple SMS text messages. Any phone that supports text messaging can configure the Super Cell. (No proprietary Apps required! No O/S limitations!)
  • The Super Cell Alarm will notify all recipients (up to 5) when the alarm is tripped via simple SMS messages. This will even include the name of the specific trigger which was tripped (i.e “Door Switch”, “Trailer Motion” , etc) This is ideal for vehicles which are stored remotely, or in an isolated location, with no one to watch them. Providing multiple SMS notification contacts helps ensure the closest individual can respond. Any phone that supports text messaging can receive Super Cell alert messages. (No proprietary Apps required! No O/S limitations!). (GSM/SMS function can be disabled).
  • The Super Cell will provide real time GPS location on request (even if the alarm is not currently tripped). You can ask for the status and location of your vehicle at any time!
  • The Super Cell continually monitors the battery supply voltage. It will send out an SMS message if the supply voltage gets low. If you leave your vehicle unattended for long periods, the Super Cell will send you an SMS message when the battery needs charging.
  • There are no monthly fees required to use the Super Cell Alarm. You may use a GSM compatible SIM card from the provider with a service plan of your choice. There are multiple GSM cellular providers who offer pay-as-you- go service and do not charge a monthly fee. In fact, you can even use the Super Cell as a standalone alarm system without any GSM service at all.
  • Similarly, the Super Cell does not require any subscription service to monitor the status or location of your vehicle. It communicates directly with your cell phone via SMS text messages.
  •  Once activated/tripped, the Super Cell will also act as an SMS communication hub for all users on the Notification List. An SMS Recipient can reply with a simple SMS reply back to the Super Cell and it will forward that message to everyone on the Notification List. This is useful if one recipient wishes to inform all others that he/she will be investigating the issue or perhaps tripped the alarm by mistake.
  •  The Super Cell may be configured as a “Silent Alarm” if desired. Maybe you want to sound the siren and flash the lights if the door is opened. However, you might also want to signal a silent alarm if the trailer is hooked up and moved. This will allow you to continue to get SMS alerts with GPS info to track the vehicle location without alerting the vandals who will try to disable an alarm. By using the trigger priority feature, you can decide which triggers provide a visual/audible alert and which triggers dictate a more stealthy approach to notification.
  • The Super Cell alarm may even be used as a GPS tracking device if no alarm function is desired. The Super Cell will return real time GPS location information on demand regardless of Alarm functionality.
  • The Super Cell is password protected. Only users who have validated their cell phone numbers with the password can control the alarm and receive notifications. Once your cell number is validated you will not need to authenticate again.
  • The Super Cell can be configured for multiple levels of functionality: as a standalone alarm (requiring no GSM or GPS functionality), for simple SMS Text Alert capability, with full SMS Text Alerts which contain real-time GPS location information, or even as a simple GPS tracking device. Start simple and add functionality as desired. No change in the core hardware or software is required.

Items included with Super Cell "The Works" Alarm Package:

1. Super Cell Alarm

2. Remote On/Off Switch

3. Manual On/Off Keyed Switch

4. Vibration Sensor

5. PIR Motion Detector

6. Two Door Switches 

7. Combo GPS/Cell Antenna

 Below is a system we built for a customer.  We purchased the electrical box and battery from Amazon.  And then installed the Super Cell alarm, vibration sensor (top center), and the remote on/off receiver (bottom right) inside the electrical box. Something that cleans up your installation is the terminal block that we used to connect all wiring.  You will see the PIR motion sensor installed on the outside of the box.  You literally could hang this box on your trailer wall and then only have to run your door switches, outside trailer lights, and possibly your wiring from your solar trickle charger (also from Amazon) to this box.  This makes a really clean installation.