Sleeper Cell Alarm

What is the “Sleeper Cell” Alarm System?

The Sleeper Cell Alarm System is a unique alarm system designed specifically for owners of vehicle which require long term storage. The Sleeper Cell is not a “Low Power” alarm system - it is, in fact, a “No Power” alarm system (until tripped). The Sleeper Cell not only provides the traditional flashing lights and siren, it also provides remote SMS Text notification and real-time GPS location reporting, if so configured. Get creative with the Sleeper Cell! This system can be used for many purposes other than trailers. If you have a warehouse or storage unit, the Basic Sleeper Cell package would be a perfect solution to keep your valuables safe. All you would need is a 12V battery for power if the alarm would ever be tripped. We strongly recommend installing the Sleeper Cell in an inconspicuous place that would be difficult for thieves to locate, especially if you choose to use the siren capability. 

Unique capabilities of the Sleeper Cell:

• The Sleeper Cell draws absolutely no power until the alarm is activated/tripped. This is ideal for installations where the protected vehicle may sit for a very long time with no draw or charge to its on board battery system. This will ensure that the alarm system will never draw down the charge on an otherwise idle battery (unless tripped). Perfect for Car/Race/Travel Trailers, Boats, etc…

• The Sleeper Cell will send an SMS (Text) Alert Message to designated cell phones (up to 5) when the alarm is activated. This is ideal for vehicles which are stored remotely, or in an isolated location, with no one to watch them. Providing multiple SMS notification contacts helps ensure the closest individual can respond. (GSM/SMS function can be disabled).

• The Sleeper Cell will provide real-time GPS Location information within the SMS Alert Message. It will continue to send real-time GPS Vehicle Location updates on a user defined interval (every 5 min, 10 min, etc). GPS location is not only provided in raw Latitude and Longitude coordinates, but a custom clickable link is also included in each SMS message. Clicking this URL will automatically bring up a graphical map which pin points the real-time location of the vehicle. This is ideal for real-time tracking of a stolen vehicle. (GPS Function can be disabled).

• Once activated/tripped, the Sleeper Cell will accept SMS input from any of the “authorized users” on the SMS notification list. This includes simple commands to remotely disable the siren/lights, remotely reset the alarm system itself, or interactively request a real-time GPS location of the vehicle. 

• Once activated/tripped, the Sleeper Cell will also act as an SMS communication hub for all users on the Notification List. An SMS Recipient can send a simple SMS reply back to the Sleeper Cell and it will forward that message to everyone on the Notification List. This is useful if one recipient wishes to inform all others that he/she will be investigating the issue or perhaps tripped the alarm by mistake.

• The Sleeper Cell may be configured as a “Silent Alarm” if desired. This will prevent any local indication that the alarm has been tripped (no flashing lights or siren). It will, however, send SMS Alert Messages when the alarm is tripped/activated and continue to send real-time GPS position updates at the user specified interval. This feature is useful to implement a more stealthy profile which may prevent thieves or vandals from locating/disconnecting the alarm.

• The Sleeper Cell Alarm is completely configurable via simple SMS text messages (unless configured for “standalone” operation). No need to download/install proprietary “Apps” for your smart phone. In fact, any phone that supports text messaging can be used to configure and receive alerts from the Sleeper Cell.

• The Sleeper Cell does not require any subscription service to monitor the status or location of your vehicle. It communicates directly with your cell phone via SMS text messages.

• The Sleeper Cell can be configured for multiple levels of functionality: as a standalone alarm (requiring no GSM or GPS functionality), for simple SMS Text Alert capability, or with full SMS Text Alerts which contain real-time GPS location information. Start simple and add functionality as desired. No change in the core hardware or software is required.

• The Sleeper Cell is based on Open Source hardware and software. Haute Solutions will maintain the firmware source code on our web site for public access. The Alarm System is easy to update and program (using a free toolset and a common USB cable). Customers can download the firmware source code to make changes to the core functions. Haute Solution encourages all users of the product to upload any variations in the firmware code so we can make this alternate firmware available to the entire owner community (in the spirit of Open Source).

Items included with "The Essentials" Alarm Package ($359.99):

1. Sleeper Cell Alarm

2. Direct Connect GSM Cell Antenna

3. SIM Card (Account Creation Required)

4. Magnetic Reed Switches (Door Switches) x2

5. Keylock Switch

Items included with "The Works" Alarm Package ($459.99):

Basic package as above plus:

1.  GPS/GSM Combo Remote Antenna to improve your cell reception.

2. 120db siren

3. Motion Detector with a Ram Mount to trigger the alarm once it senses the trailer being moved