Sleeper Cell Alarm Systems - What is Right for Me?

To give you, the customer, the most flexibility, we have allowed you to build the alarm that suits your needs. Bundle the package and options as you want!

  • ALARM ONLY ($299.99)

This is the basic building block if you just want the alarm unit itself and wish to purchase additional accessories separately.  Additional accessories may be added at any time to change the function, capabilities, and behavior of your alarm system.   

  • ALARM KIT #1 ($359.99):  Silent Alarm with Text sent to your phone (NO GPS Services)

 This kit has all the components necessary to provide entry protection for your trailer and will send SMS message alerts if unauthorized access is detected. Since no siren is included in this kit, this system is intended to operate as a silent alarm and use SMS text for alarm notification.   This system is perfect for the person trying to protect a trailer that is not capable of being moved.  An example would be a construction trailer located on a construction site that cannot be moved.  Included in this kit:  2 Door Switches, An On/Off Keylock, and an Internal Cellular Antenna.

  • ALARM KIT #2 ($459.99):  Silent or Active Alarm with Texting & GPS Functions

This is our kit with all of the bells and whistles!  This kit provides all the accessories necessary to not only monitor door access but also trailer movement. A custom designed motion detection switch (also draws NO power until tripped) is provided to determine if your trailer is being moved (without any access to the interior). This kit includes an external GSM antenna for maximum cellular reception. The kit also includes an external GPS antenna as required to implement the GPS tracking/reporting functions. An external siren is included as an audible deterrent (which can optionally be disabled if silent operation is preferred).  This is the perfect package for the race car and motorcycle trailers.  Anytime you are concerned about entry into your trailer or your trailer being stolen.   Included in this kit:  everything in Kit #2 plus an External GPS Antenna, 120db Siren, and our Motion Detector.


Once again, purchase the package that suits your needs.  You can always add additional accessories at any time by purchasing them from us or from Amazon.